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20 December 2011

New Test Pass Rate Data Available: Citizenship Preparation Resources Support Applicant Success

Just over two years ago, USCIS implemented a new test for naturalization applicants. As a final step in the test redesign process, we looked into how applicants performed on this new test.

A recently completed study (conducted by ICF International) found an overall pass rate of 95.8 percent for the new test during fiscal year 2010, the first full year during which the test was administered.

In recent years, USCIS has made tremendous strides in offering citizenship preparation resources, and this study shows how our efforts are paying off. These free materials help immigrants study for the naturalization test and learn about the rights, responsibilities and importance of U.S. citizenship. Preparing for the naturalization interview is important, and immigrants are taking the time to study and practice for tests that gauge their knowledge of U.S. history and government as well as their ability to read, write and speak English. 

USCIS’s free preparation tools include the online Citizenship Resource Center, a directory of local citizenship classes, and free naturalization information sessions hosted by our local offices across the country. By partnering with community groups and immigrant-serving organizations, we have reached through these sessions more than 44,000 people - applicants and potential applicants alike - during the past two years.

In addition to these resources and learning opportunities, USCIS has awarded nearly $18 million in competitive grant funding since 2009 to local citizenship preparation programs across the country, providing assistance to more than 19,000 permanent residents. We’ve also provided technical assistance and training for volunteers and educators who teach citizenship.

In the last two years, USCIS has welcomed nearly 1.4 million new citizens, many of whom have benefited from free educational tools that helped them prepare for the naturalization test.

The availability of these resources and the commitment of immigrants to prepare for the test are the keys to success. While it’s natural to be nervous about this important milestone, applicants who prepare for the naturalization process will be better equipped to succeed.



At December 29, 2011 at 9:52:00 AM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

im 43 yrs old married to an immagrant in 2003. applied for an i-130 in 2004, had an imterview in 2006. nothing came of it, and now we had to barried two grandchildren since then. and now im disabled and my husband still not legal. now we have 11 beautiful grandchildren. please can someone help us, so we can all live the american dream.

At December 5, 2013 at 12:08:00 PM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is very frustrating to try to download the N-400 application when no one at the Customer Service Center can explain why it cannot be downloaded using IE, Firefox, Chrome, or a smartphone, even after updating Acrobat Reader. All other PDF forms download, except the N-400. Can someone fix this problem?


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