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25 April 2012

E-Verify Takes Your Privacy Seriously

The USCIS E-Verify team understands that privacy is important to you.  Protecting your privacy is serious business for E-Verify.

We encourage you to review our commitment to privacy. Are you curious about what personal information E-Verify collects and how long that information is kept? Do you want to know why E-Verify users cannot share login information? Visit the E-Verify Privacy Questions and Answers page today and learn about E-Verify‚Äôs privacy policies. USCIS Privacy Policy and Privacy Principles are available in multiple languages.  To view these, click the links on the right of the E-Verify Privacy Questions and Answers page.

We also encourage our own E-Verify employees and their colleagues within USCIS to take privacy seriously by attending annual educational events focusing on the latest privacy issues, solutions and policies. 
By keeping yourself informed and keeping our employees in the know, we can all ensure your private records are safe.

E-Verify is the free, web-based service that allows employers to quickly confirm the employment eligibility of new employees.  Learn more at



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