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26 February 2013

First USCIS National Vietnamese Public Engagement a Success

On February 21, from 2 to 3:30PM (Pacific), USCIS held its first national Vietnamese-language public engagement from our Santa Ana Field Office in California. The event was called "Giao Tiep" which means "interact with" in Vietnamese and is modeled on the successful Spanish-language "Enlace Publico" series.  Hundreds joined the event in-person, via teleconference or live web stream.  In addition, many viewing parties were held across the country including Tampa, Seattle, and Portland.

Immigration Services Officer, Dominic Nguyen, hosts first USCIS national Vietnamese-language public engagement ("Giao Tiep") from Santa Ana Field Office´╗┐

To launch the new language series, introductory remarks were delivered by Director Mayorkas in a pre-recorded video. Anna Chau, Los Angeles Deputy District Director, was on hand to welcome the audience followed by a presentation on "How to Become a U.S. Citizen" and live Q&A lead by USCIS representatives. 

Above: A participant asks question at first USCIS national Vietnamese-language public engagement, called "Giao Tiep"

Questions from participants were received on a broad range of subjects including filing Form N-400, immigrant visas, and green card applications.  The event allowed participants to have their questions answered in-person, via teleconference, email, or via twitter.  The high turnout at the "Giao Tiep" demonstrates a continued strong demand for multilingual public engagements.  USCIS now conducts national public engagements in Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese.



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