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15 January 2015

USCIS Hosts First National Arabic Engagement (“Musharakah”)

USCIS was proud to host its first Arabic language outreach event last month at the Arab-American National Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. “Musharakah” (meaning “engage with”) is part of an ongoing USCIS initiative to reach out to various underserved communities.

The event included an overview of the naturalization process and a question and answer session. USCIS staff answered questions submitted by the public in person and by phone, email, Twitter, and from 5 viewing parties held in Anaheim, California; Brooklyn, New York; Irving, Texas; and Redmond and Renton, Washington. They also responded to questions about eligibility and application requirements for becoming a lawful permanent resident. 

“You couldn’t have chosen a better place to have [this event] because this museum is all about coming to America for a better life,” Amne Darwish-Talab, director of outreach for the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS). 

USCIS Director León Rodríguez’s recorded greeting in Arabic kicked off the event. 

Debra Rogers, deputy associate director of USCIS’ Customer Service and Public Engagement Directorate, noted the diversity of the Arab population in the United States. 

“You represent many different countries, cultures and family histories,” Rogers said. “Our differences make our country more vibrant and diverse. It is one of our greatest strengths as a nation.”

USCIS plans to hold more national Arabic language events in the future as a part of its efforts to reach out to those with limited English proficiency and to engage with Arabic-speaking communities.

You can watch the entire engagement to learn more about the naturalization process. You can also view previous engagements in English and other languages.



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