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30 October 2015

Form I-9 "E-mail Address" Field Helps Employees

Your employer is required to have you complete "Section 1." of the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, when you start a new job. It includes an optional field for you to enter your e-mail address.

Why should I add my e-mail address to my Form I-9?

If you provide your e-mail address on the Form I-9 and your new employer uses E-Verify, your employer must enter your e-mail address into E-Verify when creating your case. That will enable E-Verify to send you important messages about your case status, and information about steps you may need to take as soon as possible.

There are four messages that E-Verify may send, depending on your situation. You can view samples of these messages in English and Spanish. The e-mail notifications do not replace the current tentative nonconfirmation (TNC) process. Employers must still notify employees of TNCs and their right to contest an E-Verify mismatch by giving them a Further Action Notice from E-Verify. The employer must not enter an e-mail address other than the e-mail address the employee provided on Form I-9.

Please share this information with job seekers and new employees.

What is E-Verify? 

Employers use E-Verify at over 2 million worksites to confirm the employment eligibility of new employees. Please visit the Resource Center on myE-Verify to learn about employer responsibilities and employee rights.



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