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01 August 2016

Summary of #AskUSCIS Twitter Town Hall on July 26

We held a Twitter Town Hall featuring #AskUSCIS on July 26 to answer your questions about immigration benefits and services. Below are many common questions and answers we addressed during the hour. Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions.

Q1: @ImMasroor_ Can J2 apply for green card, once he will get the waiver for home country return? #AskUSCIS
A1: @ImMasroor_ J2 is dependent on J1 status. If J1 applies for waiver + green card, J2 can also apply. #AskUSCIS
Q2: @nwaab_saab how much time it takes to get a decision on denied EAD appeal/motion? #AskUSCIS
A2: @nwaab_saab Processing time can be up to 90 days. For FAQs on motions and appeals, please visit #AskUSCIS
Q3: @j_eportillo930 Processing my N-400. What is the usual time process to become a citizen? After my fingerprints. #AskUSCIS
A3: @j_eportillo930 This varies by office. You can check your local office processing time here: #AskUSCIS
Q4: @tabhagwat its been 7 weeks and H4 EAD application shows Received, when it will move to next level? #AskUSCIS
A4: @tabhagwat If your case is taking longer than expected, inquire about it through our e-Request tool: #AskUSCIS
Q5: @alsadimuhammed1 How can I know the exact time for processing an immigrant petition for a relative (Form I-130)? #AskUSCIS
A5: @alsadimuhammed1 You can check your processing times on our website. Please visit #AskUSCIS
Q6: @immigrationgirl Why must we only use the Application Final Action Dates chart in the Department of State Visa Bulletin? #AskUSCIS
A6: @immigrationgirl For information on filing dates, please visit #AskUSCIS
Q7: @nwaab_saab can an political asylum applicant travel to canada or any other country? whats the requirements? #AskUSCIS
A7: @nwaab_saab Asylum applicants with a pending I-589 can apply for advance parole to travel. Info: #AskUSCIS
Q8: @alphabet_real US citizen, Applied for my brother last week I-130, how long will it take for NOA 1? #AskUSCIS
A8: @alphabet_real You should receive NOA within 10 days. Check case status to see if we mailed receipt. #AskUSCIS
Q9: @ImmiGrey Are there any exciting new updates this month regarding e-filing capabilities? #AskUSCIS
A9:@ImmiGrey No new updates, but you can file Form I-90 and pay the immigrant fee online. Check #AskUSCIS
Q10: @NiriB can I cross back into the States before my OPT is processed without surrendering my F-1 status which expired in May? #AskUSCIS
A10: @NiriB You need a valid visa to enter the US. OPT only allows you to work while in F1 status. Info: #AskUSCIS
Q11: @bkrashwal I am US citizen, applying GC for my wife, am a student on scholarship can I use bank statements to sponsor her? #AskUSCIS
A11: @bkrashwal For info on sponsoring a relative: For green card info, visit #AskUSCIS
Q12: @dnahelicase23 old school completed sevis record before I could transfer. okay if I enter w/ my new initial i20 + new record? #AskUSCIS
A12: @dnahelicase23 For information on F-1 school transfers, please visit #AskUSCIS
Q13: @naresharelly Do someone need to File for H1B amendment if they change Client within 50 mile metropolitan area? #AskUSCIS
A13: @naresharelly Check our final policy guidance on when you need to file an amendment or new H-1B. #AskUSCIS
Q14: @shubzinator Immigrant fee site gives error since June 29. I checked my bill. Gave me no receipt / confirmation. #AskUSCIS.
A14: @shubzinator Create or log into your account to see payment status here: #AskUSCIS



At August 20, 2016 at 9:36:00 AM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a U.S citizen living abroad, I have not been physically present in the U.S. In order for my children to be eligible for naturalisation. However, the consular at the U.S embassy tells me my kids could be eligible through their grandparent.My father was no longer a U.S citizen at the time of his death.What does this mean?

At September 1, 2016 at 9:52:00 AM EDT , Blogger krishna P said...

I have a query related to h4 EAD. Currently I have an approved I140 with current Employer A and my wife has received H4 EAD till 2019. If in case I have to move to employer B and my I140 is revoked by employer A. Does my wife still be able to work till 2019 on H4 EAD?

What are my options here without my wife loosing her job?

At September 3, 2016 at 9:36:00 AM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why nothing has been done for I140 EAD? Why did you guys not follow Obama's EO and grant EAD to I140 approved? Why so much of backlog for skilled immigrants who are paying taxes every year? When would you start respecting legal immigrants and stop Employer exploitation who favor H1B's and displace American worker. If you grant EAD/GC, it would stop displaying American worker, you know this..then why discriminate and why not help American economy?


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